A one stop shop for equipment and supplies needs for the print and Packaging Industry.

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AAPL is one of leading and trusted solution providers for over 20 years in the printing industry, based at Chandigarh .We are serving more than 700 clients with a turnover of US$ 400 million in 2016-2017.

We have excellent track record of trading of printing inks, printing plates, press room chemicals ,printing blankets and other allied products required for the printing and packaging industry. With a aim to provide widest range of quality products under one roof , we have now joined hands with Novurania, Italy for marketing its entire ange of printing and coating blankets in the Indian market. We aim to provide our customers the best quality products at the right price with excellent service.

We strive to be our customers partner because we believe our success is measured by our clients success. We at AAPL work with leading manufacturers in the graphic arts industry to offer our customers the best products and services .We also closely monitor latest trends ,anticipate changes and take pro-active approach so our customers will have the technological and competitive edge.