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NTR 101 S.B. Sticky Back Two-Piece Can Blanket

Specially designed for use on all presses including Rutherford and Ragsdale two-piece can decorators, NTR 101 S.B. is an adhesive backed compressible blanket which can be quickly and easily stuck onto the blanket cylinder. 
Minimal dot gain, fine reverse line detail and dense solids at all operating speeds result from the combination of a thick compressible layer with a micro-gound smooth face.
Total blanket stability, at decorator speeds in excess of 2,000 cpm, is ensured by a high shear-strength, acrylic adhesive coating. This purpose-coated adhesive minimizes the risk of adhesive remaining on the steel after blanket removal by penetrating the fabric back ply. 
NTR 101 S.B. has a blended nitrile and polysulphide rubber surface suitable form varnish free (Novar) polyester inks, commonly used in Europe and in the USA. Outstanding durability is achieved though the absence of surface swelling and the thick compressible layer.